Man inside a tent floating on waterWonder how camping on water would be like?  With this floating tent you can enjoy nature, meditate, read a good book, or simply rest comfortably.  All you need is a strong base equipped with hooks to secure your tent.

white mattress inside a tent floating on waterThe floating base is composed of two floating mattresses.  The dimensions for each mattress are 8 X 8 X 6 ft. (when folded 4x8). 

Also, each mattress has 4 hooks that help secure the tent on top of it. Because the base is made of two parts instead of one, the parts are small enough to fit into a small truck.  You do not need to haul a big boat or a trailer to spend some time on the water and at the same time have all the commodities that a boat would offer you.  You can securely rest on one of these tents without worrying that your blankets, lamps, books, etc.  will get wet.

man sleeping insde a tent floating on waterTake your whole family for a whole new experience; the uses for this floating tent are numerous.  Better yet, combine one of these tents with one of our foldable kayaks and its uses are endless.